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Here in the UK, the seasons and the weather can often restrict the use of your garden to a couple of months a year – however, there are several ways in which you can effectively defy nature and get more out of your outdoor space. Lumberjacks are artificial grass suppliers in Hadleigh, Capel St Mary, Ipswich and across Suffolk. Here we outline six ways to enjoy your outdoor space more, whatever the time of year - or day - it is.


  1. Patios

Patios are an ideal way of bringing your indoors, outdoors; they can be used for eating and drinking, entertaining, or simply relaxing. Adding a pergola over the top will not only give you additional privacy, but it will also protect you from any wind, rain and extreme heat.

 At Lumberjacks we supply porcelain and natural stone paving – and, whichever one of these you choose for your patio, it will provide a solid and stylish base. We also stock a range of accessories, including chimineas and firepits, which will help you cook meals outdoors as well as warming up the patio on cooler evenings.  


  1. Summerhouses

Adding a summerhouse to your garden will also help extend its usage all year round, whatever the weather; you can shelter in it in sunny or colder days. It could be used as a garden office, a games or hobby room, or even as a basic form of accommodation if you have guests round and don’t have enough space in your home. Summerhouses can also act as storage facilities, particularly if you need somewhere to put your patio furniture away for the winter. Follow this link to find out what we currently have in stock.


  1. Outdoor Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting means you can use and appreciate your garden not just all year round, but even when the nights start drawing in. If the bulbs are installed in the right places, they can really enhance your plants; and if you want to get festive, you can also use them on an outdoor Christmas tree.

External lighting has a practical value, too. It improves your security, particularly if you aren’t at home – the police always say light has a proven deterrent value when it comes to discouraging burglars and thieves. Outdoor lighting also makes it much easier to get inside your house if, for instance, you are just returning home from a night out.

At Lumberjacks we stock a range of Ellumiere plug and play lighting which is easy to put together – and we can supply all the cabling and accessories as well.


  1. Decking

Decking will help you get more out of your garden as it effectively makes it more accessible. It’s particularly useful if your garden has a lot of slopes (which can create safety issues for young children particularly), or if parts of your garden suffer from poor drainage or has areas of sunlight and shadow where it is difficult to grow anything.

The decking will open a path up into other areas of your garden where it is easier to grow things – and there’s nothing to stop you putting a few potted plants on top of the decking. It should also be long-lasting so, with the right treatments, won’t suffer unduly even in the harshest of winters.

At Lumberjacks we stock Allur Composite Decking which is tough, long-lasting and also slip-resistant.


  1. Garden Furniture

There’s not much point in having a garden if you can’t sit outside in it. The tables and chairs don’t have to go on a patio – they can go virtually anywhere in the garden if you want to look at particular plants or views, or sit in the sun or shade, depending on the temperature.  

Our range of wooden garden furniture is stylish, sustainable – and won’t get blow away if it gets particularly windy.


  1. Artificial Grass

Natural grass can easily suffer if it’s too hot or too wet. An artificial alternative means you can play on the lawn whatever the weather and won’t have to worry about watering or moving it. It should also be hard-wearing enough to withstand any amount of footfall (human or animal).

You can put garden furniture on it as well, and don’t have to worry about any discolouration or fading of the grass – but make sure the tables and chairs don’t have any sharp edges which could cut into the fabric. We are artificial grass suppliers in Hadleigh, Ipswich, Bildeston, Capel St Mary and many other towns and villages across Suffolk.


Come to Lumberjacks for Your Gardening Supplies

We don’t just stock all the items listed above – we can also meet all your needs when it comes to fencing, gates, and protective items such as wire netting – as well as the tools to help you do the job.

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