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Now is the time of year to be thinking about your garden, now that the weather is improving, and you can spend more time outside. Here Lumberjacks, who supply Allur composite decking in Ipswich, Woodbridge and across Suffolk, explain how decking and pergolas can really enhance your outdoor space.

Decking Extends Your Living Space

Many gardens have slopes or steep banks; these often have poor-quality soil which means many flowers and shrubs won’t survive there (and a steep incline could also pose a potential safety hazard for young children). Other parts of your garden may be exposed to too much sun, shade, or rain, also making it difficult to grow many species of plants there.  

In cases like these, putting down decking will ensure that these areas have a safe, level surface which can provide a pathway to the rest of your garden – and you can also grow potted plants on top of the decking.

Outdoor decking also makes for a perfect entertainment space for eating and drinking with friends and family, or as a place to simply enjoy some peaceful summer sun without getting your feet dirty or having to manage a lawn. There is also much less hard labour involved with decking than laying down a patio, where digging and lifting of heavy stones or slabs will be required.


Decking Gives Your Garden Structure

You can use decking to separate one part of your garden from another. Separate zones can be given over to conventional flower beds, vegetable patches and children’s play areas, and the decking will ensure that each part of your garden is clearly defined.

You can avoid too much formality by building in other, more freeform elements to the garden such as a wildlife meadow beyond the decking, where everything (including the grass) can be allowed to ‘grow long’ and as nature intended.


Pergolas Also Extend Your Living Space

A pergola is defined as ‘an outdoor garden feature consisting of columns supporting a roofing grid of beams or rafters that create a shaded walkway, passageway or seated area.’ The term is derived from the Latin pergola, which refers to a projecting eave.

This protection from the elements means you can use your garden throughout much more of the year because a pergola should protect you from the worst of any sun or rain. It also means you can do more things outside - not just dining or entertaining, but simply relaxing with plenty of privacy, particularly if the pergola’s on the side of your house.

You can add plenty of furniture, cushions, and rugs to personalise your pergola, as well as string lights for added visual effect and to set the mood.


Allur Composite Decking in Suffolk from Lumberjacks

At Lumberjacks, we stock Allur composite decking (pictured above), and a range of accessories including screws, joists, edging trims and starter boards. This high-quality product won’t rot, and is also resistant to damage from damp and insects.

If you are worried about how to put it together, then don’t be, we’ve also compiled this handy How-to-Guide.

Pergolas for sale in Capel St Mary from Lumberjacks

Pergolas for Sale in Capel St Mary and Across Suffolk

At Lumberjacks we also stock a range of pergola mix and match items, including rafters, joists and posts, which will provide a stylish addition to your garden, regardless of whatever size you choose.

Full details of all our products can be found in our online shop. We also usually have a number of special offers, which are always worth checking out.

If you need any advice on your next garden project, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on this link and filling in the online contact form.