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Porcelain isn’t just something you can have in your kitchen – you can now use it outside in your garden too. Increasingly, more people are choosing to have porcelain slabs laid to create the perfect look.

Here at Lumberjacks, we provide porcelain paving from our base in Ipswich, explain the advantages of both porcelain and natural stone paving slabs and how we can help you regardless of which you choose.

lumberjacks sandstone porcelain paving slabs

Advantages of Porcelain Slabs


A non-slip finish - With porcelain slabs, you won’t need to worry about slipping or falling over. This is because the non-slip finish will ensure a good grip even in rainy and icy conditions or after liquid spillages. The latter could be important if you are using your patio as an extended outdoor dining area.  

Very low-maintenance – They won’t need much ongoing care, partly because they are completely non-porous. As a result, moisture won’t be able to seep into or build up within the slabs, meaning any build-up of moss, algae or other plants is unlikely (although we do stock Easy Seal porcelain sealer if you want to give your porcelain patio some extra protection).

Very hard-wearing – Porcelain slabs can look new for a long period of time. This is because they won’t discolour and are very scratch resistant, which makes them particularly good for areas with a high footfall, such as pathways in your garden. In addition, because water doesn’t build up inside the slabs, they are also frost-proof.

Perfectly symmetrical – As a result of being produced in a factory, every slab should be exactly the same in terms of size, colour and quality. They can also provide a stylish extension from your kitchen area into your outdoor space. In addition, you can choose porcelain slabs with a natural look such as our new Sandstone Grey slabs, pictured above, which are aimed at replicating the Natural Riven Whitchurch range.

lumberjacks natural stone paving slabs

Advantages of Natural Stone Paving Slabs

A more traditional look - Many people still prefer the more rustic and traditional look of natural paving slab. This includes an appreciation of all the imperfections they contain and their colour changes over time. Another big draw for people is the fact that they are naturally produced and often locally sourced.

Cheaper and easier to install - Because natural stone slabs tend to be thicker than porcelain, this makes them generally easier to lay. Another benefit of this added thickness and weight is that they settle down more quickly. Natural stone can also be cheaper than porcelain slabs because they are less ‘manufactured’.

Solid as a rock - Its greater solidity and thickness means that they are less likely to crack under pressure. (Porcelain slabs require a much thicker sub-base to handle the pressures of daily use).

They are easily sealable – Although natural stone paving slabs are porous, which means moisture can build up on the surface (which can lead to unsightly stains in the case of muddy footprints, grease, leaves and moss) this problem can easily be solved by applying some sealant.  This allows the slabs to ‘breathe’ and avoids any potentially harmful build-up of water – and also makes the process of cleaning your slabs easier in future. At Lumberjacks we stock the Azpects Easy Joint range, and other patio sealers and cleaners.


Natural Stone and Porcelain Paving in Ipswich from Lumberjacks

Whether you decide on porcelain or natural stone slabs, down at Lumberjacks we have a selection of both.

To check out our porcelain varieties, follow this link. Our Grigio Perla and Sandstone Grey both have textured anti-slip surfaces and clean-sawn edges.

Our natural stone varieties include Whitchurch Calibrated Sandstone and Limestone (the latter of which is pictured). We also stock paving sets and sandstone edging.

Although we are located in Ipswich, we deliver porcelain and natural stone paving slabs (as well as accessories) across the whole of Suffolk, including Woodbridge, Stowmarket, and Felixstowe. To learn more about our products and delivery, call us on 01473 461394.