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If you need to invest in a new garden shed, the commonest types you are likely to come across are the Apex and Pent varieties. Here Lumberjacks, who stock both Apex and Pent sheds at our Ipswich base, outline the key difference between the two, and which one is likely to be the right choice for you.

The Key Difference

The terms ‘Pent’ and ‘Apex’ refer to the roof, rather than any other element of the shed. The Apex roof, above, has two sloping sides which meet at the highest point; this is usually, but not exclusively, in the middle. The word apex comes from the Latin word for ‘peak’ or tip’. It’s seen as a classic design which is also common to many houses across the UK.

The Pent roof, below, is flat, with a single slope, which allows any water to run off. It’s also known as a mono-pitched roof. This is seen as a more contemporary design, although it too has been around for many years.

 lumberjacks pent shed

Which Type is Best for Me?

Water Run-Off - If you have any issues with drainage, or your garden gets a lot of rain, then bear in mind that with a Pent roof, the rainfall run-off will all be in one direction. (With an Apex roof the rain should run off both sides of the roof equally). However, there are Pent models available with suitable shed roof gradients to accommodate the rainfall. A perk of having a shed with a Pent roof means water collection (into a water butt via a guttering system) is easier as you only require guttering on one side of the shed.

The Storage Space – An Apex shed provides additional headroom in the centre, making it easier to turn it into a workshop or to use it as the base for garden and DIY projects. It’s also easier to store tall and large tools there, such as ladders and tree-top loppers. However, this may not be a very efficient use of space (and could create access issues to the rest of the shed) if all the big items are concentrated in the centre.

In addition, the greater variations in the height of an Apex roof means that it’s easy for tall people to accidentally bump their heads if they ever forget to duck. So, a larger Pent shed (where the extra height still allows you to store larger tools at one end) can offer some advantages here. 

Aesthetics – Many people think an Apex-roofed garden shed scores better here, as it’s entirely symmetrical and is a more classic design. However, this is highly subjective, and a Pent roof has a more contemporary appearance, and is less obtrusive from a height perspective. It’s also less likely to intrude on any overhanding bushes or leaves.

Planning Considerations – If you are installing your garden shed less than two metres away from the boundary of your property, your shed can have a maximum height of no more than 2.5metres (from ground level). If it’s any taller, then you will need planning permission from your local authority. This means a Pent shed, with its lower roof line, is less likely to incur any additional cost if you need to put it close to the edge of your garden.


Buying an Apex or a Pent Shed in Ipswich from Lumberjacks

Both types of sheds have their advantages – and at Lumberjacks we can supply you Apex and Pent sheds from our Suffolk base. We can customise either variety in line with your particular requirements – for instance they could be fitted with double or single doors, and you also have the choice of where you want any window to go. You can also create your own individual shed with our special 3D designer, which can be found here.

We also supply a variety of other sheds too, including corner and potting sheds, adaptable sheds and workshops, and heavy duty Pent and Apex sheds. To help you enjoy your garden during the summer months in particular, we also stock a range of summerhouses and log cabins.   We are based in Ipswich, but we can deliver your product – whether it’s a Pent or an Apex shed, or another item – to Woodbridge, Stowmarket, Felixstowe or anywhere across Suffolk. If you would like to know more, call us on 01473 461394.