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If you are looking for superb Christmas trees for sale in Ipswich then Lumberjacks is the place to go. Make your Christmas special with a Premier Nordman Christmas tree. All Lumberjacks Christmas trees are the Premier Nordman variety ensuring a minimum of needle drop keeping your decoration clean and tidy.

Nordmann Fir is one of the most popular species grown for Christmas trees, being favoured for its attractive foliage, with needles that are not sharp, and do not drop readily when the tree dries out. Our Premier Nordman fir’s, unlike other christmas trees, are trimmed to the perfect christmas tree shape 4 times a year ! so you get the best in Ipswich!

To order your Christmas Tree from Lumberjacks in Ipswich simply click on the link below and choose the Christmas tree size you need from our available selection. Once you have selected the right Christmas Tree for you simply add it to the basket. When you have finished your selection go to the “My Basket” in the top left hand corner of your screen and select “checkout” from the window that appears fill in your contact details and a member of the Lumberjacks team will contact you for payment.

Did you know we can deliver
Getting your Christmas tree home in good condition can sometimes be difficult. When making your payment with one of our Lumberjacks team please ask about our delivery service in Ipswich and the surrounding area. We are always happy to help.

Merry Christmas


Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees